Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Although studying for any test can be time-consuming it is an important strategy that an individual must have in order to receive a rewarding grade. When it comes to studying there are many sources that an individual can use to help them gain a better understanding of what they have been taught in class such as flashcards, quizlet, kahoot, and jeopardy. But in order to utilize these sources, one must decide which one is the most effective for them when it comes time to study but for me personally, I use handwritten flashcards because they help me memorize material easier because I am able to look at the flashcards over and over until I finally memorize the wording word for word.
The process that I take when making flashcards for any test is first I write down all of my terms and definitions that are on my study guide onto the flashcards. Then I put the terms in sets based on units and when I learned about the terms in class. For instance, in my political science class, my teacher gives us a sheet of bricks which is a sheet of paper with terms and definitions on them from each unit that are separated into blocks by the days we've learned them in class such as day 1, day 2, and so on. Once I write down all the terms for each day I group the terms that are all in day 1 together and I continue until I get to the end of the list. I then study each stack until I know each and every term by heart so that I can memorize it better by seeing the words over and over again.
The use of flashcards helps me understand what I'm being taught better because once I see it written down I realize the importance of the material and I'm more likely trying to make an effort to learn it instead of seeing the information on a screen or just hearing what the teacher is saying and letting it go in one ear and out the other. Which is why I tend to learn effectively through reading and writing because I'm able to express my thoughts about a subject more clearly by organizing what's important on paper or by annotating a book rather than explaining my thoughts or using some sort of visual aid to express my critical thinking.

Saddiyyah from Missouri
High School Senior
Central Visual and Performing Arts High School