Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my education I have learned about multiple different test preparation practices, but through trial and error I found that some worked better than others. One of the test preparation practices that works for me is reviewing early and not cramming the day of the exam. I typically review study guides or past exams mainly the day before my test because I find it easier to remember material when it is fresh in my mind. The day of my test I try to not look at the material that is on the test as I like to remain calm and be relaxed before the test. I also found that arriving early to the test makes me feel calmer and not as rushed while taking the test which typically improves my test score overall. As I experimented with different studying methods I found that I am a visual learner. I learn and remember the material better by using visual aids such as charts, diagrams and drawings. Visual aids show me topics in multiple ways which helps me learn the topic effectively. I also found it important to take breaks so my brain can relax and not get stressed. I usually study for 30 minutes and take a 5 minute break. I have found that works the best for me personally. Attending class on review days is always useful because you get to know the material that is most likely going to be on the exam, however I have found that many people skip review days. Overall, I have found multiple effective test preparation practices that work for me and hopefully I will continue to learn more throughout my college education.

Christina from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona