Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test makes me feel confident to do well during test day. The preparation is a process that I committed to, which consists of reading previous test passages, practicing different types of math problems, or taking practice tests to check where I stand and how farther I still have to go to achieve the best score that I could have. I try to watch academic videos of topics that I am unfamiliar with and try to find worksheets and practices online to answer and check my knowledge of a certain topic. I then assess where I need to work on the topics that I did not do well on until I get to a point where I am familiar with what I have to know. I also make sure that I remember the key points and concepts instead of memorization. The important part of studying is retaining the information of what I have learned on how I could use it beyond answers on the test. I think it's crucial for every person studying for a test to remember that learning should be applied outside the four walls of a classroom. It is an effective way of trying to connect a two-dimensional problem or story to a real-world occurrence in order for me to have the desire to learn. This technique effectively works for me to keep studying, and it makes what I am studying worth my time.

Jhelaine from New Jersey
High School Senior
Hudson Catholic High School