Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The key to test preparation and actually retaining the information is to spread out the studying time, as well as making it something you want to do rather than a task. If I know that I have a big test coming up I will begin preparing for it about a week in advance. Personally, I am a fan of taking the key information and creating my own questions, and then plugging this information into Quizlet. I prefer Quizlet because I am able to access it on my laptop, and my phone so that I can study no matter where I am. By creating potential test questions I prepare myself not only to know the information but also how to directly apply it to the test. Whilst doing this I always listen to music. Music allows for me to keep my mind focused, and to help me avoid picking up my phone to get on social media. However, once my study set is created I like it to be quiet so that I can put my full attention on studying. Rather than looking at studying as something negative, I prefer to look at it like my oppurinty to show off all the information I have learned from the unit. I hate the feeling of being unprepared for an exam, so I ensure that I have the information down pat before the test, I also make sure that I have time in between studying in the exam to ask the teacher for clarification on any information that I may not understand. Overall my study method is using online resources to create study sets, while at the same time giving myself a week in advdance to study the material and ask the teacher questions.

Jackson from North Carolina
High School Senior
Union Academy