Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

If you’re reading this, we can probably agree on one thing--taking tests absolutely suck. With that truth out the way, welcome to Thomas’ Declassified Survival Guide: EXAM EDITION.

1. Get preliminary results: First, find online question banks related to your test and do them. Don’t focus on getting everything right, rather, understand what you need to work on
2. Create study goals: Try to allocate time on several days to dive into the topics. Be realistic with yourself! So, if you’re a student that has been studying only 10 minutes a day, don’t make your first day goal to study 5 hours (you’ll burn out). Instead, start from what you’re use to and try to build on. If you study for 10 minutes, start with the goal of 20, then 40 and so on.
3. Create questions: While looking over your lecture notes or textbooks, try to take sentences and formulate them into questions. This aids with associated learning and can possibly prepare you for questions that will be on the exam. For example, lets say a hypothetical book said, “Blue is the best color in the world.” Possible questions you could make are, “Which color is the best in the world?” or, “This color is the best in the world and begins with ‘B’, what is it?”
4. Reteach Yourself: Take the content you’re studying for and make a mini presentation on paper. Pretend as if you’re teaching this material to someone else and talk through it. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what way it should be articulated to be understood. To take it a step further, find an actual person in your class and let them hear you; that way you can fact check each other and provide useful tips!
5. Create an escape plan: Mental health and studying go hand and hand. Write down things that help you cheer up when you’re feeling super stressed or tired. For me, that is, eating a pomegranate and watching a vlog. Try to make this plan fit within 30 minutes. This way, if you’re feeling overwhelmed--you have a plan to rejuvenate you!

Good luck!

Thomas from District of Columbia
College Junior
Howard University