Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

This past year I have found my best test preparation practice and it has shown to improve my grades tremendously. In high school, I wasn’t taught how to study in ways that allowed me to retain information. To prepare for an exam, I would memorize the material, take the exam, and forget the material soon after. I have found that taking time to read through my notes and make a study guide outline is very helpful. If there is any information that I don’t understand, I would go to my professor to ask for help. I used to be afraid to go ask my professors for help, but I’ve learned that they like when students come to their office hours. This showed that I had an interest in learning and comprehending the material from their class. Taking the time to do this, I knew whether the information I gathered is correct, if there is any information that I missed that will be on the exam, and what information wasn't needed. Next, the best study strategy that has given me the best results is writing the information down. Understanding what I’ve learned and being able to recall the information from my memory and put it down on paper has helped me the most on exams and finding examples that are relative to the information I already know has made it even easier to remember. If I’m studying topics that require memorization, I use mnemonic devices to help me. I find that the ones that are weird or relatable to my life are the easiest ones to remember. I also make sure to give myself a sufficient amount of time to study. The time frame I make to study is different for each exam. For some classes, I know I need to block a lot of time in my schedule to go over my notes. If I understand a majority of the information, then I only need to study a small amount. This year, I have gone into many exams feeling very prepared and I don’t have as much anxiety anymore. I control my time and effort to understand the material, and this has made me the most successful.

Savannah from Pennsylvania
College Junior
East Stroudsburg University