Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

No matter what age you are, test will always stress you out. Everyone wants to pass and move on to the next step. In order to pass, some have a test preparation that works for them and helps score a good grade.
The test preparation practice that works best for me is color coordinating. What I mean by color coordinating is, when I am study for the big day, I color coordinate the important text. My keywords will be a certain color and the definition, or the relating detail, will be a different color. Highlighting in general helps me study because the main things pop out at me. This preparation works for me because it lets me know what is important, and also how I need to remember the information. Using the same color throughout the whole text is difficult for me to do because, it’s as if I did not highlight the text to begin with. I like to use two colors per chapter to keep it simple, but also coordinated and easier for me to study.
Another test preparation practice that works for me is making keywords into a little tune in my head. Some words are to big or too unfamiliar to remember in my head. So, I figured that if we are able to remember songs easily, I can remember a keyword I make into a tune. If I am not able to make a tune out of the keyword and definition, it helps if I make an alliteration of the word. For example, food goes down our esophagus. An easy way to remember is, esophagus starts with an “E” and eating begins with an “E”. Having the words begin with the same letter makes it so much easier when it comes to test day. This preparation works for me because no one likes to remember plain words on a paper. So, not only do I remember the information I also have fun with it.
It’s all about our mindset and the way we learn. We retain information differently and study differently. These are the two ways that help me prepare for the big day.

Matiahna from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona