Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practices always involve writing the information I am trying to learn in different ways. I like to outline material that is brand new to me and leave space to write notes and anything that I think will help me remember and recall it on a test. If it is something that I am familiar with, my notes tend to be less intensive. To help link it all in my mind, I use something tactile. I make flashcards for the most difficult concepts and bring them with me everywhere. You never know when you'll find yourself waiting somewhere and you can use that time wisely by studying. If you hole-punch the flashcards, you can run a ring through them to keep them conveniently together and accessible. Once I feel confident that I know the info on a flashcard, I can rotate it out and concentrate on the material I feel less confident with at the time. The act of writing and handling the cards has been invaluable to me in Spanish and Biology. Topics that involve memorization are ideal for flashcards.
When my topic involves trying to understand a concept or a process, I find drawing it out increases my understanding of it. When it comes time to test, I can reach back into my mind and remember what I drew. Doing it for myself, even if it is just copying the illustrations from the textbook, helps sear it into my brain. These are the ways that I managed to get through my first two years of college and I expect them to serve me well into the next two as I continue to strive to meet my goals!

Dawn from Virginia
College Junior
Western Governors University