Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for a test, one must study effectively by taking an active approach. An active approach entails making personized notes and summaries that help the studier recall information, as opposed to relying exclusively on reading a textbook. I make small notes in the margins of the book and summarize every section. The notes should make connections to either previous chapters or other related concepts. The relationships may be concrete or abstract. Essentially, the links are made to aid the studier in retaining information, even if they do not make logical sense to others.
On the other hand, the sole purpose of a summary is efficiency. Rereading a section takes more time than reading a summary of that same section. Creating summaries will effectively increase the amount of time within each study session. The printable Cornell-note-taking templates allow for active studying by merely taking notes. Therefore, utilizing Cornell notes increases the potency and efficiency of study sessions. Studying should continue until all information is easily recallable without assistance. In conclusion, studying actively, with Cornell notes, and often are effective test-prep strategies.

Roman from Arizona
High School Senior
Bagdad High School