Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to be a great student, you need to learn how to learn; That is learning the study practices that work the best for you. I did not understand this, until I matriculated to a competitive college. Now, my study habits vary slightly between class types. I am a sociology major with a minor in marketing, so I have a good mix between readings/papers and problem sets. From my experience in college, I learned that I have to do the background work on the material by doing readings the professor assigns the professor will cover the denser material. My first test prep practice is to keep up with the readings. I like to take notes while I’m reading and emphasize anything I don’t understand. I then, ask either in class or during office hours, for the professor to explain. Now, when it is time to study for the exam, I have all the information I need from class and the readings. The first thing I do is go over everything that my professor says will be on the exam. I go over all my notes and powerpoints, highlighting material based on what I understand fully, kind of understand, and what I still have yet to grasp. I spend most of my study time going over concepts and problems that I have yet to grasp. I then make flashcards for the material, still keeping it in the separate categories. I try to spread out my studying by at least a week in advance of the exam. I go over the flashcards, reading them out loud, trying to make sense of the material in my own words. I also make Quizlets, so I can study on the go. Lastly, I study with friends so that I can continue to discuss the information and learn from them as well. These practices also help me with my marketing classes, as does doing practice problems, either from the book or online, over and over again. Constant repetition of the material in different ways helps me to fully grasp the concepts, so that I am well prepared for any type of question on the exam.

Priscill from Massachusetts
College Junior
Boston College