Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The things I do to prepare for exams depends on the class.

Math and sciences:
I focus on memorizing the specific algorithms (not the example problems) used for solving the problems which are the subject of study. For example, a class in where I recently achieved a grade of A: Ordinary and partial differential equations. In this class you learn about many different types of differential equations and the specific methods of solving them. Most students go wrong in thinking that they can pass such a class by just memorizing a variety of example problems. I was able to achieved such a grade by understanding the methods and when to use them on a given problem. Doing this allowed me to dedicate more time to physics, which was another very hard subject. In physics, the hard part comes in understanding the context of a problem. In order to do that, I focused on understanding the equations and what they describe within physics. Doing this made it easy to determine the context of a problem, thus allowing me to solve it with ease.

Most humanities professors assign a large amount of reading material. A lot of that information they don't test you on. My strategy to prepare for the exams was to figure out what their class will primarily focus on. Knowing this I strategically studied the reading assignments looking for the information I needed to know. Also, knowing the format of the book is helpful. Some books summarize the chapter on the last page of the chapter. Other books tell you the main idea of a paragraph on the first and last sentences.

Pablo from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
The Pennsylvania State University