Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As an upcoming junior, I feel as if I have tried nearly every possible test preparation technique. From flashcards, to highlighters, to color coded notes, I have tried so many. Yet, overtime I have discovered that despite my success with one style of studying techniques for a certain exam, an entirely different exam could require a different form. For instance, as an athletic training student we have lots of exams relating to the body, and for an exam relating to the origins, insertions, nerves, and actions of muscles it is best for me to create flash cards and look up pictures of each muscle. However, for an anatomy exam it is better for me to review PowerPoint, chapters, homework, and use the courses online tools. Then for things like oral practical’s I find it is best for me to practice skills on others, and even myself to ensure that I am fully prepared for what is to come. Despite all of those practices, I have found that the best thing I can do for myself is to take detailed, color coded, and organized notes. Before classes I go through the powers points and use certain colors for certain areas. For instance, red is important, blue is a new topic, and black are basic aspects of the slides. Then I am able to bring my notes to class and in green I like to make key side notes, stars, or lines for what the professor highlights. This allows me to not only work to retain the information while writing it down, but to truly listen to the professor and to be able to truly focus on the key foundations and details of each topic. Then when I am about a week or two from my exam, I can refer back to my notes to create a study guide based off of each key component. Then this study guide can be divided further into flashcards, lists, PowerPoint, etc. to further retain and understand the information. Overall, I have learned that there is not one way to study, but multiple ways that I can adapt to fully understand and learn each day within the classroom.

Amy from Alabama
College Junior
The University of Alabama