Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Regardless of how many tears have fallen from the thought of them, exams are an integral part of academics. They help evaluate how effective a teacher’s teaching methods are and how well a person can retain from it. Tests are notorious stressors for students, but with effective studying, passing can seem breezy.

What works for me is that I first ensure all my notes are in a word-processing document such as Microsoft Word. Although some may enjoy the traditional pen and paper, I prefer online applications as they allow me to edit text easily without the worry of running out of space or accidentally damaging/misplacing notes.

As soon as a deadline for an exam is set, I then set up a priority list of which topics to learn. Without a schedule, my study sessions would feel aimless and become unproductive. After I create a plan, I skim over my notes and divide all of them into sections. By organizing the texts, I simultaneously absorb details that will allow me to grow familiar with the subject. If I fail to break everything down, my mind would feel overwhelmed at consuming so much information at once.

Afterward, I often transfer my notes into flashcard sets through a website called Quizlet. Quizlet is highly useful because not only does it allow a person to create cards, users can study their notes through various forms such as multiple-choice quizzes, matching games, and written questions. This versatility makes memorizing easier, and since Quizlet is also available as a mobile application, there is the convenience of being able to study anywhere without the bulkiness of papers or a computer.

Once I feel confident about my knowledge retainment, an issue I face is the dullness of reviewing notes repeatedly. To mitigate, I often tutor people, and since that requires a thorough understanding of topics, the lessons will further cement into my mind. Plus, teaching also feels rewarding. Because of my test preparation practices, I can help others stress less about tests.

Angelina from Texas
High School Senior
Itasca High School