Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Learning comes differently to everyone. Some people can read a text one time and remember everything that they read, some have to read aloud to themselves to understand the text, and for some neither work, they must read and reread the text both aloud and not several times to retain the information given. Unfortunately I identify more with the latter of the three. I must read and reread information several times to pick up on the hidden messages and important information provided to me. Although this is a struggle, it has allowed me to understand better how I retain information and in turn helped me learn how to study in all my classes. The most successful way of studying I have found, especially for those who retain information in a similar way, is to repeat the information aloud multiple times. When I am trying to remember vocab words or memorize the state senators for my government class, I look at the words or names, say them aloud to myself multiple times, move on to the next one, and after go through and quiz myself. Repetition I have found is the key to all of this, which I also use in my math classes. For repetition in math classes, I try to take as many practice tests as possible, this helps me to understand the format as well obtain examples of the questions I can expect to see on the real test. It also helps to utilize the homework that is given, these are usually the best examples to review when preparing for a math test. This may not work for everyone, but in my experience through my four years of high school, I have seen the greatest output with these methods.

Meagan from California
High School Senior
Branham High School