Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation begins with GETTING INFORMED! The day of, I would hate to walk in and be unprepared for what I’ll will face. Before I begin to start studying, I make sure to find out: textbook chapters, topics the test will cover, and test format. Questions that I ask my professor are: Will there be multiple-choice questions or short answers? Will you write an in-class essay? The goals and layout of the test will determine how you tackle learning the material, which will make you somewhat for prepared for what will be on that test. The next thing I do is cut off any distraction that there is. For me, and I’m pretty sure any college student can relate to this, my biggest distraction is my cell phone. Especially when I feel like i'm missing out on something. Distractions make it difficult to pay attention to what you’re doing, which in turn makes it harder to commit facts to memory. Try to push yourself by turning off the notifications on your phone, temporarily blocking your favorite websites, or sticking to instrumental music while you study. For me, taking a break every 45 minutes or so will also help with staying focused, because I often tend to mind wander and lose track. When you cut out distractions it is so much easier to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. Which is passing the test. Next, GET SLEEP! It is very unwise to stay up all night studying prior to test day. Get plenty of sleep the night before a test. Although spending extra time preparing seems like it will improve your score, you never want to show up to a test tired. Studies show that student who spend more time upfront studying and less time cramming the night before typically perform better on tests. The last key thing that is great for test preparation is reviewing the day of. Before you take the test, give yourself time for a quick review. Shuffle through those flashcards a couple of times or re-read your chapter outline. This will ensure the material is fresh in your mind.

Micah from Michigan
College Sophomore
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University