Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a proud straight A student since middle school, I credit my academic success to my habitual studying sessions. To do well on a test, one should plan out their studying sessions in a strategic manner that will help them retain the material more easily and efficiently. First off, I usually prepare an outline and plan out how I want to tackle the subject material. By having my academic goals written down, I have never procrastinated in studying for a test. Once I have organized how long and frequently I will have the studying sessions, I use the Pomodoro Timer, a tool that is scientifically proven to boost productivity. It is an online device that motivates one to focus on their work for 25 minutes straight before stopping and taking a 5 to 10-minute break. Within these precious 25 minutes, I concentrate on retaining as much information as I possibly can by reading and writing down important definitions, formulas, and notes. I am a big fan of incorporating visual aids in my notes so my papers tend to be full of charts, graphs, and pictures. After I have studied as much as I could, I usually take the time to teach my peers who need assistance or have questions about the content. Having a whiteboard comes in handy in times like these and I found that teaching someone else helps me absorb the information much quicker while boosting my confidence. If the test is extremely important, such as the SAT, I try to keep a positive mindset while eating healthy foods and staying hydrated at all times. I personally think sleeping for long hours is as crucial as it is to study for a test; without a healthy physical and mental state, it tends to be difficult for a student to perform their best.

Reika from New Jersey
High School Senior
High Tech High School