Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Transforming from High School to a university, I definitely had to reevaluate and find my own groove of things. In college, you start trying to figure out things about yourself and what works best for you and what doesn’t. It’s the same from relationships you make in college all the way to testing. Even though it took time and adjusting, I must say that I’ve finally found my testing groove with a successful result. I tried many different ways, taking advice from others, online tutoring but I must say that the two Ps that I use. have helped me the most by far to this day and I have stuck with it. I’ve started to make my highest grades with my testing practice of the two Ps: Prayer & Preparation. Prayer is pretty self-explanatory with whatever religion that you practice. Just taking the time out to pray about the test is soothing and takes away anxieties and stress that may build up while preparing. With that being said, I take a break to pray when studying gets a bit frustrating and when I’m done as well to retain what I’ve reviewed while in the preparations process. For me the preparation process is almost like meal prepping. When people meal prep, they would usually have 5 or 7 different food containers with the some the same entrees and sides in them prepared for the 5 or 7 days they’ve cooked for. For my test-prep, the cooking part, would be to either make, do (if the review is given for class) or find a review online (if you’re like me and you aren’t good at making your own review) for the class and the chapters. Doing this is getting you familiar again with the material for the exam while looking for reviews that match your notes taken from class. After you’ve found/done a good review, you can start studying the entire review 3 days prior, everyday around the same time of the test. The day before, I usually study that night, pray and sleep on it. I wake up in the morning, watch a show and eat to take test anxiety away. By then I’m ready to head there & ace!

Kennedy from Texas
College Junior
University of Houston