Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There is nothing more stressful to a student than an upcoming test. It tends to linger from our minds, and we don’t worry about it until we have to cram information in to just barely pass the test. Fortunately, the best strategy that I have used is to go through my notes and highlight key information that is essential to the test. Usually instructors will say “this is important” or “this will be on an upcoming test.” I usually give myself about a week to study for an important test. Breaking your study sessions up is important. For example, I set specific sections that I want to get through each day of the week. On the very last day, what I do is I try to review everything that is taught to me and try to understand the most difficult ideas. Having an organized and clean study area is important as well. It can be distracting to have an unorganized area to study. And make sure that you take breaks during your study sessions to refresh your mind. I find this helpful when studying for a difficult subject. Studying definitely takes hard work, but if you are motivated and disciplined enough you will get through it!

William from Arizona
College Sophomore
The University of Arizona