Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having great test preparation practices is essential towards earning an exceptional grade and succeeding in class. Currently, I am in college and having taken several tests, I now know some of the most effective methods towards earning a good score on an exam. Something that I struggled with while I was preparing for exams was studying far too late. For some classes, I was studying for a test two days before the date. Over time I realized that this was a horrible way to prepare and I realized that a good two weeks is enough time to get ready for an exam. Another awesome method is making sure you take advantage of all the resources that your campus provides, for me I go to my tutoring center and office hours to ensure that I am obtaining the most helpful information from those who are administering the subject to students and from those who have excelled within the subject. One last resource would be to ask teachers what will be on the test, as they are the ones who are usually creating it. When I incorporated some of these methods before test taking, it greatly improved my score.

Oluwaseun from Georgia
College Sophomore
Georgia State University