Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There is some odd place on the internet where students gather to share pictures of colorful pens, notes, study spaces, and steaming hot lattes next to ancient english class books: studygram. As my time on the blogsphere of student life increased, so did a lot of the knowledge that I found in regards to preparing for exams. I’ve found that a lot of test preparation is mental.

The very first step to successful test preparation is to have a clean workspace. While cramming all of one’s textbooks and notebooks on a tiny desk sounds very anime-studying aesthetic, it’s a real annoyance once you can’t find that set of notes from chapter three because they’re buried under a mountain of papers. Organizing a study space to be neat and tidy eliminates those issues from complicating your studying and therefore ensures your sessions are focused and productive.

Another essential part of test preparation is time management. This comes from self-discipline. It’s important to plan out your schedule and have it written down somewhere that is visible so you don’t accidently add events over it. I like to always have a page in my planner where I create a monthly calendar; it makes it easy to write notes like “Bio final studying: 3-5 pm” on any day that I like.

Consistency is key. One must have a set method in how you organize your time as you physically study. A popular one is the pomodoro technique where you divide your study session into 25 minute intervals with short breaks in between. It gives you a chance to spend your energy getting work done for the times that you set and to relax a bit when it’s rest time.

Though there are many other ways to prepare for test day, these are some of my favorites that I always check off before I begin to study. Just like making flashcards and reviewing notes is an important factor in your studying process, creating a good atmosphere for you to study in is also a giant detail that will help to lead to your doing your best on test day.

Emma from California
High School Senior
Cypress High School