Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

FIrst and foremost I always trust and believe in myself before I take any test. Most of the time we pull negative thoughts that manifest our brain into reality. If you say or believe that you will fail a test, you will fail the test. Always think positive and know that you will pass. Another test preparation I use is I find a study buddy. This always helps me because If I don´t know one thing , I can always ask my study buddy and we can help eachother out that way. You also have to train your body for the test as well. Getting a good nice sleep and a healthy breakfast is basically energy for that big beautiful brain of yours. I am a visual learner so another great test preparation that I use is flash cards. These help me because as I am writing these words or problems down, its basically like creating a snapshot in my mind so that I can basically remember what I wrote on the flash card and how it looks. LIke a small memory basically to look back on. Setting an reward for yourself after your done taking the test could also help you pass. Its all a mental thing you know? For example if you have a big chemistry test coming up, and you set up a shopping trip after you pass, its kind of like motivation. Also take active notes, such as like highlighting keywords, underline things you understand and circle things that makes your brain shiver lol.

Kayla from Georgia
High School Senior
D.M Therrell HighSchool