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How Charles Swindoll’s Words Changed My Life
Like many naïve 14 years old boys who have experienced success in youth sports, I thought I was on a path to high school stardom, a division 1 football scholarship and possibly a life as a professional athlete. Despite my parents repeatedly sharing the dismal odds of getting a scholarship and playing a professional sport, I truly believed I was the outlier. This fantasy of defeating all odds ended in late August of 2014 on a wet Friday evening under the lights with roars from our notoriously boisterous home crowd. The raindrops were so large that they sounded like rock pebbles pelting my helmet. You couldn’t look into the lights for more than a few seconds without getting dizzy from the contrast of the diagonal rain pattern against the stadium spotlights.
As expected, it was a low-scoring game and we found ourselves down five points with less than ten seconds remaining in the game. It was fourth down and 16 yards to go for a first down on our own 47-yard line. The coach called my number, it was my time. The play was a long pass down the sideline which had a very low probability of success given the conditions and the opponent was in a preventative defensive formation designed to stop long pass plays. The crowd was too loud for me to hear the quarterback shouting the cadence. I watched for the center to snap the ball and then sprinted down the sideline knowing that I had to run my fastest and more importantly hope for some sort of a miracle. Of course, I could only control my actions but I also had luck on my side as the defender slipped on the wet turf. The quarterback threw a perfect pass hitting me in stride at the opponent’s 20-yard line and I could hear the roar of the crowd getting louder with every stride. There was one additional defender for me to beat however I had a slight edge given the angle he had to take to beat me to the goal line. I pushed with all my might sprinting until I crossed the goal line and the c

Thomas from Ohio
College Freshman