Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is very hard for me to do, so as a result there are only a few test prep practices that work for me. One of my favorite tools to use is Quizlet. Quizlet is a great place to study, whether you are studying five days in advance or five minutes before the test. Quizlet can be used in many different ways. There are flashcards, tests, and learn sections that can help students study the material in whatever way best fits their needs. Something else that helps me prepare for a test is reading over my notes. I take a lot of notes in class, so at the end of each day I like to reread my notes to make sure I understand the material. This helps me because sometimes I am rushing so much to get all of the words down that I am not absorbing all of the information the way that I should be. Rereading my notes helps me make sure that I understand everything, but also to correct any typos or mistakes that I have in my notes. Another thing I like to do is add visuals to my notes. I learn visually, so having pictures and graphs help me to understand what is going on in the chapter. Another thing I like to do is play music while I study. What I am studying and my mood while I am studying are the deciding factors in what type of music I play. My favorite genres to listen to while studying are classical music, country, and pop. Classical music helps me to focus because there are no words to sing along to, so on the days that I am struggling to pay attention I will usually listen to Classical music. Country music is soft and slow, so I usually listen to that when I just need to tune out any other distracting noises. Pop music is upbeat and fast, so I listen to that when I need encouragement to study. Sometimes, however, nothing but total silence is all I need to focus. Another thing I love to do while studying is reading aloud my notes or flashcards. Speaking my notes helps me to stop skimming over my notes and to make sure that I am actually absorbing what I am reading.

Hayden from Louisiana
High School Senior
Teurlings Catholic High School