Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many ways that a person can prepare for a test. Some methods will help with avoiding procrastination or effective memorization. I went through a variety of methods before finding the ones that work best for me. My test preparation practices work best for me because they maximize my work effectiveness and fully prepare me for tests.
My favorite test preparation practice is the Pomodoro Technique. This strategy breaks up my studying into 25-minute intervals and makes me completely focused on my work. When I don’t use this technique I will almost always end up distracted by my phone or something on my laptop. This method allows me to study more productively in 25 minutes than studying for an hour without it. Taking a break after 25 minutes also prevents me from burning out. Working for too long will make me retain information less effectively, but taking small 5-minute breaks every 25 minutes is a nice reward. After four cycles I will usually take a 25-minute break and use the opportunity to walk around and eat something. The Pomodoro Technique maximizes my work effectiveness.
Another test preparation method that I use is an 8-Day Study Plan. This gives me enough time to properly study before the test without having to worry about cramming. On the first day, I plan what exactly I’ll be studying. I look over all the material that the test will cover and then I divide it into four equal sections. Then, starting on the second day, I study over one section each day until I complete all four sections. On the sixth and seventh days, I review two sections every day starting from the first. Finally, on the eighth day, I review all four sections and make sure that I truly understand each concept. I also make sure to pay special attention to areas that I had problems with previously. Using the 8-Day Study Plan has fully prepared me for each test.
My test preparation practices have greatly improved my test scores and lowered my test anxiety due to their effectiveness.

Shane from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona