Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I entered college, I had absolutely no clue what it meant to study for a test. Throughout grade school, I would pay attention in class and ace my exams with no extra effort on my part. Even when it came to my college entrance exam, I was able to score in the upper percentile with no review. My first semester of college was a complete wake up call. For the first time, the attention I gave in class was not enough to earn the high marks I strived for. I needed a game plan and I needed one fast. Thankfully, my university offered a test preparation center which was able to assist me in developing study skills that matched my learning style. As a hands on learner, I’ve found the best test preparation practice for me is applying the information I need to learn to real life situations.
The best study practice I have developed to prepare myself for an exam is creating practice tests on the content, which is beneficial for several reasons. First, creating a test then completing it models the real life scenario in which I must apply my knowledge. In addition, creation is the highest level of thinking according to Bloom’s Taxonomy, requiring a deep understanding of content in order to manipulate the material into an exam question. Recently, I have taken several high stakes tests as a prerequisite to applying for a teaching credential. In preparing for these exams, I found it most useful to consider how I would teach the content to my future students. This led me to exploring the material from all angles, starting with the most basic of concepts and building up to the knowledge level I would need in order to teach. With this full circle of understanding, I was able to pass each exam with ease, simultaneously practicing building exams for my future class.

Rebecca from California
College Junior
Western Governors University