Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I’ve never been the best at test-taking, but my plan would be able to help anyone like me earn a better score on their exam while offering a non-stressful study session that benefits more than some of the typical cram-study sessions that students attempt the night before their important test.
The first step in preparing for an exam starts on the very first day of instruction, which is taking or keeping important notes to save throughout the duration of the class. If the student is taking an online class, it would be recommended that they download any material that the instructor provides. Whenever I attend in-person lecture classes, I make sure to take notes even if the notes are provided online, since writing down information helps me memorize the things I need remember.
The next step is understanding what material you’re expected to know for that specific test. Usually before a major exam, my professors explain what they next test is going to be covering, or sometimes they even send an email with a list of things to study for. Knowing what the test will be on helps me find the right study material so I can study with accuracy and efficiency.
The final step pertains to the day before and the day of the exam. I like to do a quick study session the night before the exam so I can have the material fresh on my mind. Students often have cram-study sessions where they study all of the material the night before the exam and lose sleep trying to learn everything in one sitting. While it’s the fastest way to learn material, staying up all night can actually degrade a student’s performance on an exam. It’s better to study what you can and get optimal rest.
This method has helped me improve my test scores and reduce the amount of stress that occurs during testing. Essentially, this method which I use takes a more proactive approach and prepares me for my exams ahead of time.

Andrew from Texas
College Sophomore
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley