Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I study for a test, I make sure to break down my studying into three separate portions: Search, Divide, and Conquer. Although they sound more like steps to expand the Roman Empire, I have successfully used this tactic ever since my middle school years, in order to help me bunker down for a test and prepare myself to the fullest.

To begin with, Search pertains to finding out exactly what is going to be on my test. By asking the professor questions throughout the year, I would be able to find out what parts of our course we would be focusing on the most. This step takes the most preparing, as it is a semester or year-long process to learn for the final exam, but serves as a great way to focus more efforts on the classwork.

When I say “Divide”, I refer to more than just math. I make sure to create portions of what I need to study in order to have different studying jobs every day leading to an exam. For example, in the case of history exams, I set up different time periods to study up on and work on each one on a separate day.

Finally, I “Conquer” by giving myself a final, summarized study session the day before the final, to make sure I’ve hammered in the concepts I have to. This is the day I focus on the study concepts that have given me the most trouble, making sure I’m ready to go for the next day’s exam.

Sebastian from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona