Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Zhakarra Dafney-Burciaga
May 15th, 2019
What test preparations work best for you and why?
Hello, my name is Zhakarra. I am an 18 year old independent college student. I will be a sophomore in college come fall semester with your help. I have 13 years of experience of being an active student, and what I have come to find out is that I am more of a hands-on and visual learner. I think that the most important step to make as your first step is figure out what kind of learner you are. What works best for you? I’ve also come to learn that the more repetitions I get in, the more the informations sticks with me. For me, it also depends on what the subject is and how I adapt to learning the subject. There are many different types of learners (or learning styles) such as: a visual learner (learning by a visual representation), a kinesthetic learner (someone who learns by using their body/getting hands on with the subject), an auditory learner (some who learns by listening to the information and taking it in), a scribble learner (someone who learns through muscle memory of writing things down), a trust learner (someone who learns best from authorities that they rely the most trust/confidence in), a teach learner (someone who learns by teaching others the material they need to know), a copy learner (someone who learns best by learning what they can copy), a stress learner (someone who learns what stresses them and if it is a pro/con in their learning abilities), and lastly an ease learner (finding what eases your mind and body to allow you to do your work in a better head space). As a visual learner, you may find it in your best interest to use diagrams, pictures, charts, videos, or anything that is a visual representation of what you need to learn for a test. This will help you picture and imagine you information during the test, and you can redraw the image from memory onto your test to help you with your test taking. As a kinesthetic learner, you can use anything that involves body movement and demonstrating hands-on work. Using dance moves, roughing physical body features, or even using ASL (American Sign Language) could really help you improve chances of performing your highest score on a test. Next is an auditory learner. For this, you can use music, rhythms, beats, in the process of learning your test material. I have also been told (by my mom) that recording the class session and listening to it as you go to sleep and while you continue to sleep helps imbed the information in your memory and you will remember it more. A scribbler learner may use any pen and paper to scribble the information for muscle memory. As a scribbler your strength is within muscle memory, because you wrote down the information over and over again so many times that when you brain can’t remember what comes next, your muscles will and you will find yourself with the correct answer. For a trust learner, you simply learn best from people you trust to really know what they are talking about when they are teaching you. If you are in a class with a teacher/professor who you do not really understand their teaching style, either try to switch your teacher/professor or find someone who can help you learn the material who you trust knows it. A teach learner is similar to s trust learner, except the teach learner is learning by teaching others the information they know to see if they understand the material. They first learn the material and try to understand it themselves, and if they can get someone else to learn it then they will feel confident that they know it. This is the best way to study as this type of learner, is to teach it to someone else. The best method for preparation for a test as a copy learner is to copy down all the information. And then copy it down again and again and again until it is mesmerized and you feel confident in yourself. You also make sure you copy down all the most important information and all the key points that you surely end to know. A stress learner and a ease learner almost goes hand and hand. As a stress learner you are learning if stress motivates you or if you need to eliminate. If you need to eliminate it, then you become an ease learner; someone who learns best when they are at ease. For a stress learner, you need to have the goals that you actually want, and then emphasize another set of goals on above your true goals that very hard and out of reach but you are determined your best to achieve those goals. This is done so you will be motivated to do your best and if you fall short, you will still achieve your original goals. As an ease learner, use whatever you have to in order for your body to relax, drinking tea, meditation, anything to relax your body/mind that will allow you to focus. I found that these methods are the best study methods when preparing for a test. I hope that you ace your next test with these preparation tips!

Zhakarra from Michigan
College Sophomore
Hiram College