Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have found that test preparation is key! Over the years I have found out a few different methods that work for me. One method that I've found works really well for me is something that I call "repeat". What I will do is have a friend say the fact/idea/term that I am trying to study, then I will repeat what my friend has said, and finally I will write it down on a paper. If you do this once a day for a week leading up to your test, you will see significant improvement. What I have found with this method is that it strongly reinforces the idea so that when you see/hear the word or idea and then say it, it will be easier for you to write down the answer.
Another preparation practice that I love using is flash cards! I think that flashcards help tremendously when you are working with short words or terms that you need to memorize. The key isn't just to run through the flashcards a bunch of times, but to take the time to say the term out loud, write your answer down and then check your answer. If you get it wrong, say the term, and then look at he write answer and write that answer down. That reinforcement ends up helping exponentially in the end. I make sure I do this practice of going through my flashcards and to read through my notes before I go to bed each night the week before the test.
When studying for cumulative exams, it is extremely important to look over your past exams. Go through all of those previous questions and make sure that you can answer all of those questions correctly. If you don't know where you went wrong, go and ask! There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help to understand a concept that you weren't confident on in previous exams. I will often times compile a list of terms/concepts/previous test questions that I did not fully understand and will take them to my professor. When you ask those clarifying questions, it helps you go into that next test with so much more confidence than you had done previously. Confidence is truly key!

Michaela from Minnesota
College Junior