Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practices that worked for me involved a wide variety of various tools and support systems. First off, I talked to friends and family who have taken these kinds of tests before to get some insight as to what I should expect. Secondly, I signed up for my school's test preparation classes and made sure I attended every session to get the most out of the preparation class. We were given large booklets, so I ensured that on top of going to prep classes, I used to book at home for a more personalized review. Lastly, I wrote all test dates down and created a detailed study schedule for myself to follow in the weeks leading up to the test. I made sure to study only one topic or topics that were similar to each other so I could out my full attention to it and not confuse it with other material. Lastly, I took advantage of practice exams because the greatest and most popular advice that I was given is practice, practice, practice because the more you take the exam, the more your score improves each time.

Julienne from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Nashoba Regional High School