Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I was raised in Alaska around glorious wildlife and vast forests. I lived through the six-months of darkness and six-months with never ending sun. My father is my biggest influence in life, he teaches me how to handle the struggles thrown at me in life so I can eventually care for myself, and always makes sure I work for anything I want in life. He also encouraged me to become anything I want.

I was taught to think logically about my surrounds and why things happen or how they happen. I have been using my entire life as it has helped me with living in Alaska for fourteen years. In Alaska, I worked on making my imagination possible with the materials I had at hand which was sticks and stones. outside, Sometimes I used spare wires and batteries, creating power supplies that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. For my free time I created experiment to understand why something happened, or I talked to my father about whatever insane idea went through my head.

Because I talked to my father about every idea that popped into my head, the connections with him helped form a creative side. With creativity I was able to experiment with what I can do for new interest. I started to create small generator, find a new power sources for little LED lights, make new projects, and I started to draw, and paint.

I had two friends that I found to be very close with, named Isaac and Joseph. During my time with them I was able to become more social. Isaac and I together were able to make anybody laugh with jokes. Joseph influenced me to become an incredibly kind person. He and my father both made me make sure that whoever I am with, I never leave them with unsolved issues. I started focusing on kindness more when Joseph passed away. With his impact, I decided to become a better person. He inspired me to run in cross county, and because of him, I became someone who works harder to get what they want in life and works harder to be an effective leader to all. Being an effective lead

Thomas from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde