Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It typically depends on the class as to what method of studying I use. If it is a lecture-based course, I often use materials that have already been provided for students, such as online notes, exam outlines, or links to scholarly articles or educational videos. If a professor references online resources to supplement what he/she says in class, I do not hesitate to use them. For what the professor says in class, I take extensive notes, because I am a visual learner. After, I highlight, circle or underline what I believe to be the most important items. I read the entire compendium of notes at least once, and then I review the most relevant information that I have marked several times. For a more drastic measure, I will make notecards and review those. Sometimes writing it down again can help the information sear in your brain just as much as perusing through them will. If I feel like an extra step is necessary, I will then make a Kahoot! game for me and a study group. It helps to add an element of fun to studying, particularly if you have rigorously pored over the information. In fact, one of the most crucial things to remember is to take frequent breaks. I often play Candy Crush on my iPhone or Minecraft on my computer to wind down. It is easy to drive yourself bonkers if you get too caught up in your work. I cannot stress the importance of study breaks enough. It is vital to your mental health. If you are confronted with a late night of studying, treat yourself to a cup of Joe from the nearest coffeehouse. It will be fuel in the tank for you to stay motivated. However, coffee should be a treat and not a crutch. Students should only drink it in special circumstances, such as cases wherein he/she is burning the midnight oil. If possible, try to regiment your study sessions, instead of cramming the night before. I know that college is an incessant strain that never allows students to breathe, but it is essential that you manage time efficiently to stay in good health.

Logan from Mississippi
College Junior
University of Mississippi