Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been the type of person who anxiously tries to perfect my own test taking abilities. It only took me about, forever, for me to find some great ways prepping for the test that ended up affecting my entire experience.
When I noticed is how stimulating exercise can be to the mind, I stuck with it. By jumping some rope, my brain is able to concentrate solely on what I am doing. I feel that there are mental gymnastics that play into my ability to focus. So, anytime that I feel anxious or overwhelmed with my studying, burning some stress seems to really pull my confidence together. Also, after working out, I feel famished and outstandingly strong to test my mental capabilities.
The actual studying practice for the test NEEDS to be spread out. By coagulating all the information into one sitting, one is only retaining the class for just a short time. By constantly studying and working on one's struggles, that is when one grows and actually learns from the material. The only way to truly understand a subject is to know it by memory. Time will fly when one is proficient on a topic.
The last preparation is being able to have a long, relaxing sleep the night before. Also, cramming is not beneficial, but it is vital to study the hardest concepts before a night's rest because the best memory retention of concepts and ideas happens right before sleep. Rest is a life-saver, even if the test is not that hard. Anyone can benefit from a perfect amount of sleep and being fully-aware.
Overall, test preparation practices are different for everyone based on prior experience with testing. One of the fundamental benefits of testing is learning how to get better at it. The place to start is simply just looking at what is difficult and finding an easy solution. By doing this, one can look farther into the future without any worry of disappointment.

William from New Mexico
High School Senior
Goddard High School