Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Procrastination is my enemy. Here I am, the day the scholarship entry is due and I am submitting it today. Better late than never, though, right? I may severely delay my assignments, but I always make sure to turn my work in on time, even if I am regretting it at 11:59PM. Diamonds ARE made under pressure. The best preparation is organization. Not to point any fingers, but while I am peacefully studying the 20th page of my PowerPoint notes, my classmates are flinging loose crumpled papers out of their book bag searching for theirs. Being organized is a tremendous time saver; I keep a planner filled with dates of when assignments are due, sometimes even weeks ahead so it doesn't come as a surprise. My binders are separated with color coded dividers, with dates always on each page so I can recall when I learned it. In my classes, 79 is failing. There's an added pressure to do extremely well on tests and quizzes and aim for high 90's. During lecture, I record my instructor so I can then listen to anything important I may have missed. As I am listening to the recording, I write down notes on the PowerPoint slides provided and highlight sentences that she emphasizes. It's important to do this immediately after the lecture so the information can stick into long term memory. In the week leading up to the test, I study the posted quiz, take practice quizzes on the topic, and reread my notes. It is infinitely crucial to not only memorize your notes, but actually understand the WHY'S of it is correct. I can remember myself staring dumbfounded at a question of where it appeared that two answers were correct, and then feeling immense relief afterward when I would ace my test due to my test preparation practices.

Heidi from Virginia
College Junior
Tidewater Community College