Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The test preparation strategies that work the best for me are attending review sessions and studying the content on lecture PowerPoint slides.
Since review sessions are usually held by Section Leaders (SLs) or Teaching Assistants (TAs), they are invaluable to attend because these students understand the undergraduate or freshman experience, and had to excel in a class of similar nature to obtain their current position. Therefore, SLs and TAs can be trusted because they understand what content is critical to master at certain points in the semester, and have an idea of how the test and questions may be structured — especially if they have taken the course. These assistants also want to excite students and correct their misinterpretations of course material, so there is no reason to believe they intend to fail or mislead students. Thus, review sessions can be understood as a way for SLs and TAs to share information they wish they had known before exams to help current students in the class succeed.
In addition, reviewing lecture slides, granted the professor has made them accessible online, is a beneficial method of preparing for a midterm. As high school and college students, we take notes detailing what is important to remember following lectures; however, most of us do not remember the crucial minute details. Even though some content may have seemed unnecessary to achieve course objectives, most professors announce that any content presented during the semester or current unit is “fair game” on an exam. Therefore, reviewing lecture slides captures the main idea and often overlooked supporting details regarding a topic the teacher discussed. In this sense, a student studies the material the teacher deemed important enough to include in their lecture slides and class discussions.
Both of these strategies have truly been indispensable as a student — especially as an anxious college freshman who spent a lot of time struggling with test preparation this past year.

Samantha from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona