Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a junior in College now and have had many tests over the years and along with those tests I have had a plethora of different study habits many of which helped with some tests and not others. I found that my least effective way of studying was to just read through the textbook and create a note sheet from that than do nothing more. Then I figured well what can I add to that to make it more effective so I figured I would do some practice problems with the note sheet and that worked a lot better. That wasn't the full extent that I went to, I also decided that I needed to do this over multiple days with ample rest basing that decision off the study that says your brain gets better at things as you sleep on the information. So, the week of the test I decided to start three days in advance and practice a variety of problems that may be on the test getting enough sleep over that night before I go to class and study each day. This only worked well for math and science classes, not social science classes. For those classes I have only been able to learn the information by taking five days prior to the test at least and begin to memorize the information so that I would know the dates and trends and such that I would be able to get multiple choice questions right an be able to use historical events as evidence of trends.

Noah from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona