Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Every student prepares for their tests differently depending on the type of learner they are. My studying techniques are the most effective for me, and I usually recommend them to others who struggle to retain test information. Preparing for a test properly depends on the format of the test and the subject. Specifically, if the test is all memorization, I will turn the information from PowerPoint slides, readings, or class notes into my own questions. This way, my mind is thinking about the information that is most important and how the professor might ask these on the exam. I will write or type out these questions and write the answer underneath so that I am continuing to repeat and ensure that I understand the reasoning behind why this is the answer. Once I have written questions and answers for the subject, I will ask myself the question out loud and continue to repeat the answer. This way, the material can be practiced by writing, reading, and speaking—one of these ways usually assists with remembering the answers and the repetition is a great help. When I have to take an exam that is solely memorization of the subject, I am able to narrow down multiple-choice questions and see the answer more easily because of the variety of learning techniques I utilized to review the information. Next, if the exam is heavy on free response and problem solving in a subject such as physics, math, chemistry, etc. a white board is my best friend. I use the whiteboard to redo problems multiple times and draw graphs or diagrams that pertain to the material. This is a great technique because mistakes can be fixed quickly, and a lot of topics can be covered quickly. When using a whiteboard, I also find myself being much more attentive to detail because I color code my work with different markers and I am determined to get through the material until I have a good understanding of what I am doing. When I go into taking the exam, I always have flash backs to my work on the whiteboard

Alexandra from Arizona
College Junior
The University of Arizona