Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to Test preparation, my key to success is always writing down notes, and taking practice tests repeatedly. I have found that not only taking those notes while I am reading but going back and reading over those notes helped tremendously! Especially with the items that you covered at the very beginning of the course that are not as fresh in my mind. By going back through the written notes a few days before the test, I am able to fill any blanks I have and solidify all of the memorization type content that I need to be successful on the test.
The practice tests are also very beneficial to me, I take them in test mode then go back and review all of the questions I missed. Writing down more notes on those questions so that I can review that information. I find that a lot of the suggested practice questions are similar to what I am going to see on the test. So I am preparing for the content of the test, as well as preparing for the type of questions that will be presented also. You want to make sure that you know how your test is going to be formatted (Multiple choice, fill in the blank, Scenario based questions) so that your practice questions are similar to what will be on the test.
A day or so before the test, I try to really focus on the written notes I have. I should already be at a point where I am scoring above 80% consistently on the practice tests. I want to use the notes I have made over time in this course to refine all of the knowledge gained. Another key component is to make sure that I am getting good nights sleep leading up to the test. Some of the worst experiences I have had when taking a test, is when I was up late at night cramming for the course. When I can get a good nights rest the night before the test, I am going to be able to go in with a clear conscious and laser focus on acing that test!

Joshua from Kansas
College Junior
Western Governers University