Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, the most important method of practice is to regularly review the information you are learning in class. When I wait for the last few days before the test to cram, I typically do well on the test. While I get a good grade, I quickly forget the information and have to study much harder for the final exam. If I always cram before my tests, I will not remember the material well once I finish the class. Saturdays provide plenty of time to review. If I have six classes and take a quick 20 minutes to study each, I only spend two hours of my free day to solidify my understanding of the material.

When it comes to study methods, I primarily use two methods. For true and false questions or vocabulary I use flashcards. I take time to make my own instead of borrowing others, because the mere action of making them requires me to review and think about the material. When I practice with them, I read them aloud so I am hearing, speaking, and seeing the material. By doing them all at once, it helps make stronger neural pathways so I will remember the facts.

When I need to know charts or memorize larger portions of information, I make study sheets that hold all the information I need to know from that unit or chapter. I also read these aloud when I study them to make memorization easier. i try to make everything be written neatly on one page to make the information seem like it is easier to memorize.

Jefferson from Ohio
College Sophomore
Maranatha Baptist University