Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test preparation, I like to plan in advance. I make a list of all the topics covered and put notes and flashcards beneath them. I then make a plan to have certain tasks completed by specific days in order to prevent last minute cramming. Every time I complete a set of notes or flashcards, I mark off that word beneath the section it pertains to on my list. By breaking up the content into sets, it is less overwhelming, and it allows for a sense of accomplishment that helps me stay focused on that list and able to keep up with my timeline of completion. When I have finished everything on my list, I begin reviewing each of the flashcard sets and the handwritten notes that I created. I make sure that I also go back and review any pictures or diagrams that are present in the textbook chapters to help with retention of the information and aid in the understanding of the material. The night before the test I make sure to go to bed early so that I am well rested. I also plan to wake up early enough to read over my notes before it is time to leave the house so that the material is fresh on my mind before I go take the test. My study practices work because there is no cramming involved. There is a set schedule and list of tasks that helps break up the material into easily accomplished tasks and I ensure that I have plenty of sleep the night before. Since I quickly review the material before going to take the test, my brain is already thinking about all the material that was covered and reviewed all those days before.

Autumn from Texas
College Sophomore
Angelina College