Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking causes many people anxiety in the academic world. Having good test preparation practices is essential to feeling calm and confident during your test. I typically do 3 things to prepare for my tests that I feel have made me a successful test taker.
I start by reviewing all the materials given out during class. This includes your notes, power points, homework assignments, required reading from the textbook, quizzes and any handouts the instructor may have given you. In my experience most of the information you will need for your tests will be covered in these materials. Your notes are also very important. Many instructors like to highlight specific items during their lecture that will be on the test. If you did not write down your notes you may have lost significant information you need to be successful.
The next step is to make sure you understand everything you have reviewed completely. Once you have understood and mastered the concept in your mind, you are much more likely to be able to infer and figure out the right answers on a test. Pinpoint the concepts that you are having difficulty with and then spend more time reading the textbook and given materials until you understand it fully. Another useful tool here is the internet. There are many websites, YouTube channels and online materials dedicated to tutoring and explaining different topics. Your goal is to research the topic until you understand it fully by utilizing all these resources.
Finally, I like to be a part of a study group. In many cases I already understand the concepts completely but helping others learn them and teaching them reinforces my understanding of them. It is also very beneficial to see and hear other opinions and or points of view on the subject. Everyone in your study group has strengths and weaknesses. There will be times where you need help and other times where you’ll be able to help others, and herein lies the strength of the study group.

Rosario from Texas
College Sophomore
Lee College