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The egg is a versatile cholesterol vessel that carries the dish to excitatory taste buds. Fried, poached, hard-boiled, scrambled, omelet, baked or deviled, are various ways to enjoy eggs. The egg presents itself as an affordable and yummy form of nourishment; I value this culinary art, because of its practicality and global impact. Nurses lives, crack up to be much like a carton of eggs; both experience versatile events that positively impact lives worldwide.

Discovering my personal passion followed the path of an omelette - stuffed with great piquancy and dashes of love. My crave for knowledge influenced my decision to carry knowledge from the University of Michigan and serve two years with AmeriCorps in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to learn from our community members.

Working in an elementary school introduced me to the versatility of nurses. I observed community health providers ensure that students receive a yearly check up. They created a welcoming environment for this essential and rightful service that can often be limited. Most importantly, a halo of joy rested over the two spheres, now connected at their center.

Learning bike mechanics with talented youth conjured my appreciation for hands on problem solving. Our cohort of creative minds built franken style bikes that were eventually pedaled away by smiling riders. Front Yard Bikes ultimately brewed my re-enrollment; it’s magic revealed how essential a community of healers that value humanity and collaboration is.

The bonds formed in Baton Rouge inspire me to continue care in hospitals, clinics, homes or schools. Cognizant that nurses impact the familiar and the stranger, encourages my dedication to cultivating recipes for how our bodies and environment can disrupt and heal each other.

To all my gracious and wise educators, thank you for your ubiquitous inspiration. And to Humpty Dumpty for stretching the limits of what an egg can do. Finally, nurses, your indelible service motivates me.

Desiree from Texas
College Sophomore
Coleman College of Health Sciences (Houston Community College)