Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation has always been a natural strong suit for me. My learning methods have helped me finish courses in days and weeks instead of months. What has helped me earn 6 industry certifications in the last year? Some great insight gleaned from people like Stephen Covey and others.

First, when preparing for a test my best method is to begin with the end in mind. To achieve that I have to ask questions. How many questions of which type are on the exam? How much time do I have to take it? What are the exam objectives and areas of study? These questions provide valuable information that give me an edge when gearing up to for an exam.
They show me what areas need focus and which objectives need more scrutiny. If an area/objective has more questions, then more time is spent studying that correlating subject matter.

Next, I look at my course or study materials and make a schedule for study. If I have 10 chapters in a book, I can plan to cover a chapter a day, two chapters a day, or whatever fits my needs to sit for the test at my earliest convenience.

Once I have my schedule, I read through my resources and take notes on possible points of interest. For each area or chapter, I write a synopsis in my own words. If I can casually explain to someone else what I'm studying then I'm effectively learning and absorbing the information. I don't skip practice questions and quizzes no matter how short or repetitive.

Some exams require memorization of terms and definitions. When I face questions with terms and acronyms, flash cards are more often then not a huge benefit. I'll make my cards and test myself until I have it learned.

To conclude, I gather all the information I can on the exam.
I develop a plan and stick to a schedule. I use flash cards and notes, any pre tests or prep engines available I'll use. I study why questions are wrong and explain the material to others. Using these methods, I've slayed many tests and exams; You can too.

Joshua from Florida
College Junior
Western Governor's University