Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been a person that panics during tests and end up not getting the score I wanted. Over the last few years of high school I have learned a few different study tricks to personally help me do better on tests. They helped me go from getting B's and C's on tests to A's. Reading out loud, writing and highlighting, and taking mini tests have helped me to become a better test taker.

The first thing I do after receiving information is read everything out loud. Reading things out loud helps me to remember everything better because I will have then heard it more than once. I then reread very important information and details over and over again until I feel I have a good grasp on the material. This also helps me make sure I have heard everything. Sometimes when the teacher is talking, you do not necessarily hear everything and miss information. However, when you go back and read everything, you receive all of the information.

Writing everything down a second time helps tremendously because my muscles and brain then work together which gives me an even greater chance at remembering the details. Once everything is rewritten, I then go back to highlight the main topics, with different colors, that have more details within that topic. The different colors for each topic help me to sort out what information goes with what main topic; this helps me sort out information and not get details mixed up.

The last thing that I have started to do as test preparation is taking small mini tests on the subject. Taking short tests on the information really shows you if you have grasped the material or not. This way you can see what you got wrong and go back and study it more. Getting something wrong and knowing what you got wrong as helps to guarantee you will not get it wrong a second time because you will not want to get it wrong again. This has helped me a lot in math with remembering when to use certain formulas and steps and English when trying to remember certain terms.

Sydney from West Virginia
High School Senior
Hedgesville High School