Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For years I relied on handmade flashcards, study guides, and Quizlet to study for tests. However when I reached high school, the access to study guides was limited. Flashcards and Quizlet was still an option but I found it difficult to study when information was not directly infront of you. Therefore, I began making my own study guides. A couple days before a test, I would sit down with a piece of paper, a pen, and notes for the class I was making the review sheet for. From there, I would write every single thing I knew was important for the test. For example, math review sheets were filled with math formulas and diagrams. The english review sheets had important concepts from the books we recently read. Chemistry review sheets had formulas and information about the objective we were learning at the time. I found this very helpful because I had the ability to add what information I did not already know and keep it all in one place. Also, I was able to be creative by highlighting and drawing the information rather than filling out a standard study guide, The review sheets allowed me to quickly look over the information right before the test. In addition, my friends found it very helpful as well. They would ask for the review sheet the night before the test to get a good study session in. I used this method to prepare me for the many tests I have taken throughout high school.

Kristin from North Carolina
High School Senior
Hopewell High School