Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My practices for test preparation are beyond the basic "take detailed notes." Everything I learn in the course may be used in a test in some way; so I begin preparing for the test on the first day of class and each day leading up to it by planning, understanding, and deciding to excel. I make certain to stay on top of the class schedule, homework, and notes while truly learning and understanding the material to the best of my ability. But what the success of both planning ahead and understanding hinge upon is a diligent determination to excel. Planning, understanding, and diligence are the three practices in test preparation that have guided me to success.
On the first day of class, I highlight all the test days from the syllabus in a planner. Throughout the course, I write down topics or chapters the instructor highlights. I take notes that are detailed or general depending on the course. If I do not understand something, I ask. If I cannot remember something, I look it up, review it, and then quiz myself. The week before the test, I study the material that will be on the test in about fifteen minute increments a day. Finally, I get plenty of sleep and eat a big, healthy breakfast the day of the test. By planning ahead and understanding the material to the best of my ability, I am ready to excel the test.
Planning and understanding are integral for excelling a test, but without diligence, they will not amount to much. I begin my courses with a determination to do my very best; and when that goal is fully settled upon, I have the inner drive to put in the effort required to do well on a test every time. By determining to persevere even through distractions or the drudgery of mid-term, I can still rise to excellence and be fully prepared for the test. With planning, understanding, and diligence, I begin each course preparing to excel, endure the stretches of drudgery or distraction while continuing to learn, and can excel the test by persevering to the end.

Grace from California
High School Senior
Sierra Foothill Academy