Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I rehearse a play, I always recite the entire play into the mirror. I’ve done this since second grade, and it’s a practice I make use of today. Since we have routines to prepare us for hobbies, isn’t it natural to have routines to prepare us for test-taking? I will always use the Pomodoro method and immersion to prepare me for a test.
In the last few years, I’ve used the Pomodoro method to study for tests, and it has worked wonderfully for me. The method centers around dividing work into 25-minute segments with short breaks in between. Like interval training amongst athletes, the Pomodoro method promotes complete focus during the 25-minute period. When a student distinguishes between free time and work time, their work ethic improves dramatically. As I write this, I have 21 minutes left on the timer.
The Pomodoro method works well for most classes, but for Spanish, I have a distinct practice that always prepares me for a test. In the hours leading up to a test, I’ll immerse myself in Spanish - listen to music, watch shows, translate notes, plan out my agenda in Spanish - until I’ve started to think in Spanish. There’s some point where I find myself trying to translate English songs in my head in ways where syncopation isn't lost. This is the perfect headspace to take a Spanish test.
When I chatted with college students in preparation for the college life, I always asked: “What should I keep in mind as an incoming freshman?”, and they’d always remind me to join clubs. However, when I spoke with my uncle and aunt, they had interesting advice. They put a big emphasis on studying, mentioning that incoming freshmen could get through high school easily without studying and that college isn't like that. I needed to have better studying habits, and so this year, I’ve studied sufficiently. I’m glad for this and inspired to go into college with effective study habits and a strong work ethic.

Taylor from Illinois
High School Senior
Glenbrook North High School