Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily great at test preparation but over the past few years I've learned new skill and practices, so that I better than I was. A main aspect of test preparation is stress reduction, I do this by planning my studies well in advance and doing a little every day. My study involves reading the text and answering associated questions at the end of the chapter. If there are key words then I make flashcards. Through the program I am in I am able to take practice tests frequently. I find that i study the best on my own as I am able to focus on specific information that I need to learn. Studying at home doesn't work for me as I get easily distracted, so I go to the schools library. I have tried many different practices and have developed a plan that reduce my stress of the exams and learn what I need.

Melissa from Utah
College Junior
Southern Utah University