Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When you think of Instagram, you probably think of models, perfect sunsets, and delicious food. What if I told you there is a whole other side of Instagram called studygram. These are pages dedicated to showcasing their beautiful notes and study strategies. I have created my own page to upload my notes and follow other users to motivate me and gain inspiration. I have learned I do much better on tests when I make what I am studying enjoyable. So, whenever a test is around the corner, I get on that account and it gives me that little push to start preparing for a test. I also have learned that I understand material easier when I review it before lecture. If my professor posts powerpoints before lecture, I will download them, read them over and give myself simple vocab quizzes. If my professor does not post notes or powerpoints before, I go to the syllabus and lightly read over the chapter beforehand. By the time I review for the test, I have more time to ask for clarification. Reviewing material ahead of time has worked well for me because repetition and practice have been a successful way for me to understand concepts fast. In the long run, understanding concepts and material well, makes my test anxiety low and recalling information on exams much easier. In class, I like to add on to notes I already have to be able to pay attention to my professor. After class, when I am reviewing for an upcoming test, I gather all my notes and materials and create study guides. These study guides summarize the information the test should be over. I read over my notes, rewrite them, clarify anything I don’t understand and make them studygram style. By rewriting them, I am practicing the information once again. I’m a strong visual learner, by creating these beautiful color-coded study guides, I can easily find sections I would like to go over more. So far, these strategies have worked well and helped me graduate high school with a 3.2 and complete my first year in college with a 3.0.

Sofia from Texas
College Freshman
Lone Star College (In process of transferring to Texas State)