Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think I have great test preparations, for I learn how to use my time wisely and stay on topic. During test preparations I like to study in a comfortable, clean and relaxing place. I tend to be listening so some smooth music and have nice smelling candles. I begin to study and while I am studying I write key points down in my journal. I also like to take about a 10 minute break for my mind to intake all the new stuff I just learned. While studying I like to practice what I have just learned, so I will make a quizlet just to ensure my notes are neat and that I have a quick access to them.
While test preparation I will tend to ask my teacher to go over what I don't fully understand yet, just to ensure that I comprehend great before the actual test. I will take pretest before it and focus what I did bad on a try to better educate myself over that topic. I like to get comfortable before I am fully concentrated and for me to let loose is that for me I like to play volleyball or something active to clear my mind before I study. After I shower and get ready for bed, I pull out my phone and study one last time before the new day hits.
I like to study as much as I can but what works for me is if I write things down as I study. If i am writing notes it's more likely that I will remember it if I pops up on my test. I also don't want to overstudy and totally blank out on my test. So I manage when I do and when I don't. The day before I like to study for on two hours max and the night right before I go to bed. I will also go to bed early. In the morning of the day of the test I will eat a good hearty breakfast and study a review for about 20 minutes.

Jurnee from Texas
High School Senior
dillard mccollum high school